Objectives & Functions

At our agency every unit and department is saddled with various objectives which perform a number of functions to ensure smooth running of the agency as we serve the public. 

One Stop Investment Centre

The State is setting up a One Stop Investment Center, where all the relevant government agencies both state and federal will be represented in one location, in conjunction with the Nigerian Investment Promotion Council and the Oyo State Investment and PPP Agency. The objective is to remove all bottlenecks associated with business start-ups in Nigeria.

Land and Cost Waivers

Prompt access to land through timely issuance of relevant title documents. Our turn-around time has been reviewed to be completed within a minimum of 2 weeks.
The State has also introduced a land policy to attract various investors. They can leverage on the available waivers, depending on the land category and purpose of use.

Expeditious Processing

Expeditious processing of required regulatory consent and other regulatory requirements.

After Care

The after care is a process where we at Oyo State Investment and Public-Private Partnership Agency (OYSIPA) will ensure that we carry out continuous investor engagement activities leading up to a point where we are assured of the stability of the investor and their investments in Oyo State.

Entry Portal for Investment

OYSIPA serves as the entry portal for all Investments, Public-Private Partnerships, Infrastructure Concessions and Strategic Asset Management Initiatives

Company Tax Holiday

Availability of personal income tax relief for players in priority sectors of the State.

Provision of Infrastructure

Provision of support infrastructure (where required) e.g. access roads, as part contribution of the State towards large projects.